Konzert: Belle Scar (UK/Canada) – 25. November 2017

Konzert: Belle Scar (UK/Canada) – 25. November 2017




Als GEETA war sie vor zwei Jahren schon einmal bei uns. Nun kommt sie mit ihrem neuen Musikprojekt  als Belle Scar am 25.11.2017 zurück und wird unseren Flügel so richtig zum klingen bringen.

Los geht´s 21 Uhr und der Hut geht rum.




Belle Scar is the new music project of the multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, artist and producer Geeta. Originally from Montreal, she is now living in London U.K..

She is influenced by cinematographic moods and grooves, dark pop, rock’n roll,
analogue vintage sounds, visual arts, poetry and dreams. Belle Scar is well recognized for giving powerful live performances. With her wide unique vocal range, she carries along the audience to magical places. Belle Scar is an eccentric on stage, with her unique style of singing and dancing, like a creature from another planet. Every project she works on is an artistic concept for her, who has been hugely inspired by artists such as David Bowie, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Andy Warhol, Björk, Danny Elfman, Grace Jones… She explores different instrumentations, arrangements to always create something new and exciting with acoustic and
electronic music.

Belle Scar has collaborated with several international artists from the music, cinema, multi-media and fashion scene. She participated at festivals like the Flux Exhibition at the Royal College of Arts in London, The Glastonbury Festival U.K, NXNE Festival in Toronto, New Cinema Festival and International Literature Festival, The Fringe and Pop Montreal in Canada, Fields Emporda Festival in Costa Brava, Fringe Festival in Bath UK, Degeneration Festival in the Czech Republic, Catwalk for Fashion Show (Barcelona), as well as touring all over Europe in 2014-15 presenting the album Light Bulbs .

Geeta also produced her own choir with 30 singers. She has participated in many art residencies to develop new vocal and sound ideas. First in Armenia at the Arts Cultural Laboratories Studies (Yerevan) and then at the Montreal Arts Intercultural in Canada
where she performed a series of sold out concerts called “Chasing Trails”. She per formed several concerts under the name of Boa Levy, a character which travelled through time and played the grand piano in several theatres.


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