Konzert: Van Goat (US) – 03. Juli 2020

Konzert: Van Goat (US) – 03. Juli 2020

Wir haben uns gefreut zu hören, dass Van Goat auch in diesem Jahr nach Deutschland kommt. Und natürlich wollten wir sie auch wieder live haben. Am 03. Juli 2020 live bei uns.

Los geht´s um 20 Uhr und der Eintritt beträgt 5, 00 €

“You know when you’re in the shower and you want to turn the water as hot as you possibly can, and when it starts to burn you, you lower it a little bit? That’s what I want people to feel with this record,” says bassist Derek Burle.

Swing. Ragtime. Southern jazz. Surf. Van Goat is a band to which you could apply many labels, but none would quite prepare you for what you’re about to hear as you pop on your headphones and queue up their album.

Harnessing the diverse DIY aesthetic of their native Oakland, Van Goat (featuring Aidan Ward, Ben Einstein, Derek Burle, Lindsay Alexis, and Taylor Moxon) is in the business of writing not only songs that you can dance to, but entire albums that you can enjoy front to back without pausing or skipping: a musical experience wherein each successive song’s mottled riffs and bewildering charisma is pleasantly startling.